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Sun Gro’s Quality Program

Gardeners experience success with Black Gold® because its parent brand, Sun Gro Horticulture, is dedicated to producing premium products for its customers. To achieve this, Sun Gro created a Quality Program designed to produce and deliver a consistently high-quality, uniform product. As North America’s largest professional mix supplier, Sun Gro uses the same equipment and processes to produce its retail brands, such as Black Gold®.
Sun Gro Quality Program
The first step of the Sun Gro […]

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“Show Us Your Black Gold® Garden!” Photo Contest Winners

After receiving many submissions for the “Show Us Your Black Gold® Garden!” Photo Contest, we selected the first, second and third place winners. The photos were judged by a team of five Black Gold® staff members. Photo content, quality, and written submissions were all considered in the selection process. We were so excited to see and hear stories about everyday gardeners having success with Black Gold® potting mixes and amendments! Here are our winners:
First-Prize Winner, Carolyn Frazier
Carolyn, a retired Horticulture Agent from the University of […]

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Made Flowers Grow in a War-Zone

WAr Zone2Two-tiered planter
I deploy to Afghanistan often, and I’ve spent the last three summers here. (I miss JULY 4th so freaking much…) That aside, this time around, I was intent on growing some flowers to break up the monotony and ugliness of white rock, dust, cement t-wall barriers, and barbed wire. Kind of hard to do when there’s no dirt around.
WAr [...]
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Testimonial: Black Gold Seed Starting Mix

BG-Seedling-1.5cuWhether you are starting seeds for spring or fall crops, Black Gold Seed Starting Mix will give great results. Just read the recent review from Charles Sims. He wrote:
“This is the very best seed starting soil that I have used. I have used many different kinds, but this is now my preferred brand. I used it to start Tomato and Pepper seeds. The tomatoes sprouted in […]

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Success with Black Gold Seedling Mix!

1This testimonial was sent to us from Black Gold user, Aaron Brown:
“I planted some seeds in a competitor starter mix on 03/29/2014. I ran out and went next to my local nursery and picked up some Black Gold seedling mix. I them planted more seeds with your product on 04/01/2014. Those grown in your product ( 2 in the back) are going very well. Those grown in the competitor seed mix (The 2 right up front) […]

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Bring Black Gold to Your Garden Center!

BG_ALLPURPOSE_1CF-FRONTCan’t find Black Gold® or other Sun Gro products at your local garden center? Interested in carrying Black Gold? Then please email us at We will work with you to find a solution!
Black Gold® products are quickly moving beyond the Western United States to a garden center and hydroponics store near you. And it’s easy to see why. Sun Gro has production locations and distributors […]

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Black Gold Supports Growing Gardens!

The Portland, Oregon based organization Growing Gardens  is an inspired gardening non-profit that helps lower income families put fresh vegetables and fruits on their tables. With the help of a large base of volunteers, they put raised beds into yards and neighborhoods where garden fresh produce is most needed. In addition, Growing Gardens provides seeds and plants, tools, growing medium and amendments, compost bins and education through newsletters and Learn & Grow Programs. All these efforts assure the success of participating home gardeners. Black […]

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Black Gold Orchid Mix: A Superior Product

BG Orchid Mix frontI must agree with your article on orchids. Your Orchid Potting Mix (as near as I know) has to be the finest orchid potting mix available. I usually wait until the orchids are done blooming. In my case I have waited over 11 months to re-pot and I do use Black Gold Orchid Mix.
Thanks for making a superior product.
-Joel Hobbs

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Green Philanthropy From The Ground Up

Black Gold Makes Fertile Donations To Schools and Community Gardens
Black Gold, a Sun Gro Horticulture product-line, built its reputation on trusted all-organic potting soils, fertilizers and soil amendments. “We are dedicated to creating products that help our customers easily grow organic food in every American backyard,” says Blair Busenbark, National Marketing Manager at Sun Gro Horticulture. “The problem is that non-profit organizations also need quality soil products for their organic food gardening programs, so we decided to help them out.”

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