What’s the Best Soil for Fruit Containers?

“Hello. What is the best soil that you have available to grow citrus trees and blackberries in containers? I’m looking for the soil ph to be around 6.0.” Question from Jerrold of Pearland, Texas
Answer: For container gardening, we recommend either Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Mix or Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend Potting Mix. Both are fertile, water holding, and have a pH around 6.0. They […]

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DIY Garden Project: Homemade Rosewater from the Garden

Quality homemade rosewater starts with the most fragrant garden roses that have been grown organically. This simple how-to makes it easy to create your own rosewater for cooking, scenting linens, or make-your-own cosmetics.
Homemade Rosewater from the Garden

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What Are Some Good Southern Plants for Shade?

“Most of my yard is shaded. What are the best plants for me? I am in Georgia.” Question from Lucretia of Elberton, Georgia
Answer: There are lots of great flowers for you to grow in your southern garden. Perennials are the best investment because they return each year. Here are eight great perennials to try that will thrive in your hot summers. It’s nice to plant […]

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Gro Your Own Video: Indoor Herb Growing

Fresh herbs taste best for home cooking, so why not grow your own indoors this winter? Here are the best herbs for indoor growing plus tips for successful indoor cultivation.

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Black Gold® Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

Looking for the best all-purpose soil amendment and mix base for your garden? Then try Black Gold® Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss and Black Gold Peat Moss Plus! It’s natural and organic for organic growing.

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DIY Garden Project: The Best Plants for Cats

Many of these great kitty plants can be grown indoors or out. Each is great for cats and cat health, and many will make your cat happier in your yard or home.

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Black Gold Orchid Mix

Black Gold Orchid Mix is a high-performing mix that is excellent for growing terrestrial and semi-terrestrial orchids and yields great growing results. It is sure to make your orchids bloom and grow beautifully.

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