Black Gold® Natural & Organic Potting Soil Plus Fertilizer

Made from the finest ingredients and OMRI listed for organic gardening, our all-purpose Black Gold® Natural & Organic Potting Soil is recommended for containers and raised beds. Enriched with earthworm castings, it contains a mix of peat moss and compost in addition to perlite and pumice to ensure good aeration.

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Black Gold® Waterhold Cocoblend Potting Soil

Our all-organic Waterhold Cocoblend Potting Soil naturally retains water through the power of coir (coconut pith) and sphagnum peat moss. It is further enriched with beneficial earthworm castings and porous perlite or pumice for optimal growth and aeration. Blend with Black Gold’s Starter & Transplant Fertilizer with mycorrhizae to boost new plantings.

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Black Gold® All Purpose Potting Soil with Controlled Release Fertilizer

Our nutrient-rich blend of peat moss, earthworm castings, compost and perlite/pumice is great for indoor and outdoor container plantings. It provides superior moisture retention, excellent drainage and is specially formulated with a controlled release fertilizer that feeds plants for up to six months.

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Black Gold® Seedling Mix

This highly refined, organic seedling mix is everything it should be: low-salt, fine yet porous and water-retentive. We add an organic wetting agent to ensure uniform water penetration—a common problem with comparable mixes— and fine grade peat moss and perlite to ensure excellent root growth for newly germinated seedlings.

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Black Gold® Cactus Mix

A fast-draining medium formulated for succulent plants, Black Gold® Cactus Mix is the first step in creating your own garden oasis. It contains a balanced blend of perlite/pumice, earthworm castings and compost to encourage healthy growth while ensuring ample aeration and drainage that most cacti, bromeliads and succulents require to thrive.

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Black Gold® Orchid Mix

Recommended for terrestrial to semi-terrestrial orchids, Black Gold® Orchid Mix is a premium quality special blend of small bark, peat moss and perlite/pumice. It contains added lime, to regulate pH and is highly recommended for Cymbidium, Paphiopedilum, and Phaius orchid species, among others.

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Black Gold® African Violet Potting Soil

Picky African violets thrive in this blend of peat moss, compost, perlite/pumice and earthworm castings. We created our African Violet Mix to maintain a good balance between porosity and organic matter for happy, blooming plants with beautiful foliage. It is also suited to Gloxinia, Sinningia, Streptocarpus and other gesneriads and sensitive container plants.

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Black Gold® Moisture Supreme Container Mix

A premium, value added potting mix, Black Gold® Moisture Supreme Container Mix includes coir, which retains and slowly disseminates water, so you don't have to water as often. Moisture Supreme also feeds plants for up to 6 months! It is a great choice for container plantings that require daily irrigation, such as patio pots, hanging baskets, window boxes and other containers.

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Black Gold® Garden Soil

Regionally formulated by professional horticulturists to enrich local garden soils, Black Gold Garden Soil provides essential organic matter and feeds plants for up to 6 months. This all-purpose mix improves garden soil structure and can be used to improve the soil of garden flowers, bedding plants and/or vegetables.

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Is your potting soil made by a horticulture company?

Sun Gro is North America's largest producer of sphagnum peat, and the largest distributor of peat moss and peat- and bark-based growing media to professional greenhouse operators in the U.S. and Canada.

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