Container Gardening for Versatility and Variety

Container Garden with Pots Not Visible - Photo by Rich BaerContainer Garden with Pots Not Visible. (Photo by Rich Baer)
Of all the many gardens I have visited with plants in containers, the most unique one that stands out in my mind is a garden in NE Portland. In this garden, the front of the house overlooks the roof of a garage. However, this did […]

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Tough, Water Saving Container Plants

Lantana Camara PinataLantana camara ‘Piñata’ is one of several heat and drought tolerant ornamentals for summer long color.
Water-needy container plants often require twice-daily watering in summer’s heat, so it saves time and water to plant tougher, more water-efficient ornamentals. My top five water saving container plants for effortless color are lantana (Lantana camera), narrowleaf zinnia (Zinnia angustifolia), Dichondra Silver Falls™, moss rose (Portulaca), and cigar plant (Cuphea ignea). (All of these […]

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Big Planting Pots, Big Rewards

Wide Mouth Pots - Maureen Gilmer
If you’re gardening on patio, porch, deck, roof or terrace, you need the right pots. Choose big planting pots large enough to support long lived woody plants that offer big rewards of beauty and food. Insist on a mouth wide enough to accommodate a 5-gallon nursery pot to ensure the rootball fits without crushing.
This will support fruiting or flowering trees, shrubs and […]

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Flowering Kale: Beautiful Edible Color

Lowly kale has a modern cousin that brings vivid color and food to early spring gardens. Flowering kale features dense and leafy heads in exotic purple and pink foliage as well as some odd thread-leaf forms that offer bold textural differences. You can blend kale with early season edible flowers like violas and calendula to make rainbow salads from a single potted composition. To make sure all edible leaves and petals […]

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Colorful Crotons For Indoors Now and Outside Later

Big Croton - Pam BeckCrotons will brighten a shady patio as well as any interior room.
Eye-catching Crotons easily chase away wintertime blues because the warm colors of their variegated leaves intensifies in cooler temperatures and bright sunlight. During winter months keep Crotons out of drafts and fluctuating temperatures to avoid leaf drop, hold back on fertilizer until spring, and remember to only use tepid water. You can begin […]

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Raised Garden Beds In Dry Country

BG-WATERHOLD_1cu-FRONTMy desert garden is the worst case scenario, and I like it that way. When I test plants and products for gardens, they go through the wringer…literally. I want to know how far I can push things before they fail.
When the dry wind blows up here in the high desert of southern California, it sucks every bit of moisture out of the soil surface. […]

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Black Gold® Waterhold Cocoblend for Container Gardening

A quality water-holding soil will ensure potted foxgloves will get a good supply of needed moisture.
Since its launch in 2003, Black Gold® Waterhold Cocoblend (formerly just Cocoblend) became a popular product with those gardeners seeking a superior water retentive potting soil. To better reflect the product, we have changed the name and bag image to better focus on the benefits of this great OMRI Listed mix ideal for organic container gardening.
Waterhold Cocoblend combines […]

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