Video: DIY Fresh Homemade Pumpkin Pie and Recipe

Pumpkin pie tastes better with fresh mash made the old-fashioned way. The effort is small and the results worth it. The keys are choosing the right pumpkins and recipe. I like to grow my own pumpkins. Here are four with a rich, sweet flavor.

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DIY Birdseed Ornaments for Outdoor Decorating

Bring living beauty to your winter garden with these three do-it-yourself birdseed ornaments for outdoors. Each project is a great activity for kids. Some wild birds just eat seeds, while others rely more on berries, and some need fat, like suet, to survive winter. Our different ornaments have ingredients to satisfy almost all wild winter birds. These ornaments fulfill the diets of […]

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Growing Thanksgiving and Christmas Cactus – Tips and Tricks

Cultivate a shower of flowers for the holidays! Christmas cactus and Thanksgiving cactus are easy to grow if you know what you are doing. Get yours to grow and bloom to its fullest year after year. Here are the seasonal steps that you will need to know for the most beautiful display!

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Video: DIY Holiday Container Arrangement Decoration

Don’t leave your patio ceramic containers empty during the holidays, Christmas, or winter! Fill them with beautiful evergreens, bright berried branches, and other festive outdoor decorations for a real front door showstopper.

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Top 10 Best Tasting Winter Squash

Do you love delicious pumpkins and winter squash for pies, muffins, cakes, and soups? Then try growing some of these extra tasty squashes in your garden. All are easy to grow and sure to satisfy your tastebuds.

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How to Prune and Deadhead Perennials

To keep perennial garden flowers looking nice in your beds, keep the old foliage, flowering stems, and seedheads but back. Cutting back old perennial parts keeps plants looking clean and attractive and helps rebloomers flower more. Here’s how!

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DIY Garden Edging for Professional Looking Beds

Clean, tidy garden edges frame a garden and elevate simple beds and landscapes. Clean lines show off gardens and are well worth the small effort. This video covers cutting curved garden edges. For straight edges, it can help to tie a line from one edge of the garden to the other and mark the straight line along the ground with chalk marking paint. This will help guide straight cuts.

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The 10 Fastest Growing Vegetables for Instant Gratification

Do you think that you don’t have the time or patience to grow vegetables? Then check out these 10 really fast-growing vegetables. These provide harvestable produce in as little as 20 days. The list includes everything from zucchini to carrots and kale.

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DIY Easy Flower Arrangement by Jennie Love

Make the most of your summer garden flowers with this satisfyingly easy flower arrangement technique. Create a quick, effortless, professional-looking arrangement for your summer table. The arrangement was created by Jennie Love of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers.

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