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Succulent Container Gardening: Potted Xeriscaping

Succulents—a broad group of arid plants that store water in their leaves or stems—are perfect for busy, forgetful, or novice gardeners because they are easy to grow and don’t require much water or maintenance. Some are hardy and others tender, and they come in a myriad of dazzling choices for tough, beautiful container gardens.
So Many Succulents!
A colorful Aeonium […]

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Bold Container Gardening

Red Banana and Forest GrassThe glossy red leaves of a potted red banana unfurl amid golden forest grass.
The arrival of May means that in my garden it is time for getting serious about container gardening. This is the time to go to a garden center and look for new and ‘must have’ plants. Last year in one of my articles, I mentioned that I counted the containers throughout my garden and the final tally at […]

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Container Gardening: 148 Containers & Counting

stand alone potSometimes a stand-alone pot in the garden is like a work of art.
I knew that I had many containers around my garden, on the deck, on the patio, in the flower beds, at the entryway, along the driveway, but I never really thought about how many I actually had. Today, I walked around the garden and counted. My final count was 148. That is more than I ever dreamed of and […]

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Container Gardening for Versatility and Variety

Container Garden with Pots Not Visible - Photo by Rich BaerContainer Garden with Pots Not Visible. (Photo by Rich Baer)
Of all the many gardens I have visited with plants in containers, the most unique one that stands out in my mind is a garden in NE Portland. In this garden, the front of the house overlooks the roof of a garage. However, this did […]

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Golden Spirit Smoke Tree for Container Gardening

Cotinus Golden Spirit - Mike Darcy
Sometimes a plant that we think of as growing to 15 feet in height or more, can actually be kept quite small by severe pruning. I have a Cotinus coggygria ‘Golden Spirit’ (Smoke Tree) growing in a pot on our deck and it has been in the same pot for 6-7 years. In the winter, I prune the branches back to 12-18 […]

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Black Gold Earthworm Castings for Container Gardening

Potted PlantsIf your tender potted plants have been outdoors all summer, watering them with the hose often results in overflow and lost of soil. Now is a great time to add Black Gold Earthworm Castings as a top dressing to improve bioactivity in the pot and cover newly exposed roots. Be sure to leave enough space between soil and pot rim to be able to fill it with a […]

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Black Gold® Waterhold Cocoblend for Container Gardening

A quality water-holding soil will ensure potted foxgloves will get a good supply of needed moisture.
Since its launch in 2003, Black Gold® Waterhold Cocoblend (formerly just Cocoblend) became a popular product with those gardeners seeking a superior water retentive potting soil. To better reflect the product, we have changed the name and bag image to better focus on the benefits of this great OMRI Listed mix ideal for organic container gardening.
Waterhold Cocoblend combines […]

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Succeed with Container Vegetable Gardening

If you have a small garden, you can still grow vegetables! How? Potted vegetables, of course! For container vegetable success, it comes down to choosing the right pot, good soil, a sunny location, and keeping your plants fed and watered. Get these factors right, and you will be rewarded with lots of fresh vegetables all season long.
Container growing can be a bit more challenging, but […]

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What are Some Good Root Vegetables for Containers?

“I need ideas for growing root vegetables in containers.” Inquiry from Karen of Randolph, Vermont
Answer: You can grow just about any root vegetable in containers, but I choose smaller varieties for greater yields–petite French Breakfast radishes rather than giant Korean daikon radishes. Here are some excellent small, fast root vegetables for pots:
D’Avignon French Breakfast Radish: This traditional radish always tastes crisp and sweet when I […]

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