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~Written and photographed by gardening expert
Craig Venus Fly Trap

“Oh, noooo!” Plants are a great way to add to the Halloween fun!

The gardening season we experienced this past summer and early fall has been one of the best that I can remember. Vegetable gardens performed beyond the expectation of most gardeners with tomatoes, especially some of the long-season and late-ripening varieties, benefiting from the warm summer and fall. However, this is October, and it is time to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn and Halloween. READ MORE

~Written and photographed by gardening expert

When it comes to showstopping flowers and foliage the high-performing Dahlia ‘Yellow Hammer’ is exceptional.

Dark leaves and velvety flowers nearly as black as night–these are rare and wonderful garden plants. Though none are true raven black, they are so dark that they appear almost black, which is good enough. These bewitching plants may beautify our gardens all season long, but those that shine in autumn are perfect for Halloween plantings. Mix them with orange, red, and white blooms for instant seasonal good looks! READ MORE

~Written and photographed by gardening expert
4.21A hylocereus triangularis flower

The foot-wide blossom of Queen of the Night (Hylocereus triangularis) has many stamens that bats must wade through to reach nectaries deep inside.

It’s curious that an agave that flowers once at the end of life produces such an enormous bloom stalk.  These can range from 5- to 15-feet tall, depending on the species.  Many of the flowers are clustered at the very top, which is an adaptation for one particular pollinator, the bat.  Because bats use echolocation to guide them, it can be more difficult to navigate their way through brush and thickets.  So naturally a plant that seeks these night-flying pollen vectors would raise its flowers above the brush where they are easily accessed by bats.  Without bats there would be minimal pollination of these plants, which are the primary source of tequila production.

Supertunia Royal Magenta, Salvia Leucantha and Lantana Camara - Jessie Keith

Feeding fall beds is important. This fall garden shows Supertunia Royal Magenta, Salvia leucantha and Lantana camara shining late in the season due to BG Rose & Flower Fertilizer.

It always pays to know when to fertilize using Black Gold fertilizers. Remember to use our natural and organic fertilizers only as directed. For best results, mix fertilizers with your garden or potting soil and water after you are done planting. Avoid over feeding your plants–adding a little extra fertilizer is not a good thing. Always follow the directions! READ MORE

~Written and photographed by gardening expert

There’s nothing like a fall patio bursting with colorful mums.

“The white chrysanthemum
Even when lifted to the eye
Remains immaculate”
∼Matsuo Basho


~Written and photographed by gardening expert
IMG_8295 Dahlia Pooh

Staking dahlias at planting time will support plants all season and keep the tuberous roots from being pierced by stakes.

When visiting other gardens and with other gardeners, I find that people enjoy sharing their tips to make gardening easier. Even in my own garden, I often realize there is a better and quicker way to perform a particular task, and I cannot imagine why I had not thought of it before. Particularly on my radio program, when I ask listeners call in with tips, I almost always learn something new. Even though gardening is very enjoyable, I think gardeners are always on the lookout for a easier and quicker way to get something done.

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Find Black Gold products in a store near you.

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