DIY Garden Projects

String of Pearls: Living Beads for Hanging Baskets

String of pearls is delicate yet tough, low maintenance and incredibly rewarding.
They are living jewelry no woman can resist, the most coveted house plant, string of pearls. This tender succulent is feminine looking, delicate yet tough, low maintenance and incredibly rewarding. There are two species that can transform traditional or modern spaces, indoors or out. Hang them like living necklaces to bring awe to your home.
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The Herbal Tea Garden

Garden fruits and herbs combine well to make delicious herbal tea.
What’s in a cup of herbal tea? Aromatic dried leaves and fruits impart the comforting, rich flavors for herbal tea, which are most welcome in chilly weather. Gardeners that grow herbs, fruits, and spices already have the raw ingredients for tea. From there, it’s a matter of well-timed preservation and creative tea mixing.
Unlike teas made from […]

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Gardening Q & A: Bringing Houseplants Indoors in Fall

Tropical houseplants grow best outdoors in summer due to the natural light and humidity.
QUESTION: How do you bring in tropical houseplants from the outdoors without them dropping their leaves?
ANSWER: Thanks for the gardening question! There are several reasons why your houseplants may drop their leaves after being brought indoors in fall. I will cover all of the possibilities.
Clean houseplants […]

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Basil Growing in Containers VLOG

Learn how to grow many different kinds of summer basil in containers with success. Basil growing in pots and containers is fun, easy, and yields lots of fresh basil for cooking.

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Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies

Monarch on tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica). (Image by Jessie Keith)
Over the last several years, I have become more aware of growing plants in my garden that are friendly to birds, bees, and butterflies. Plants to attract butterflies, especially monarch butterflies, are especially of interest. At one time, monarch butterflies were often seen here in the Pacific Northwest, but not anymore. Dwindling habitat and food sources have resulted in […]

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Generational Family Gardening with Kids

New, budding gardeners learn how to grow vegetables organically.
Gardening is best shared with multiple generations, especially for our youngest gardeners. Whether we gardeners have our own children, grandchildren, or children in the neighborhood, it is an easy role to fill.  Young Millennial families are embracing gardening, so the goal for older gardeners should be to share our garden knowledge to inspire young, budding plant lovers. When […]

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VLOG: DIY Hypertufa Succulent Centerpiece

Create an easy, cute DIY hypertufa succulent centerpiece! This cute centerpiece looks super on an outdoor deck or dining table. Just be sure to keep your succulents gently watered.
One 14” Plastic Mud Pan lined with Plastic Wrap
Three Small Paper Cups
Portland Cement
Black Gold® Perlite
Black Gold® Peat Moss
Decorative Stones, Shells
Fast-draining Potting Mix (I use Black Gold potting mixes)
Bucket & Rubber Gloves
Small Succulents & Candle

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VLOG: Easy DIY Terrarium Garden for Low Light

This 7 step, temple-themed terrarium is inexpensive (~$20), looks great, and is easy to make.
• Glass fishbowl or terrarium
• Tan and white aquarium gravel
• Small decorative rocks
• Living moss
• Aquarium temple ornament
• Black Gold Natural * Organic Potting Mix
• Miniature terrarium plants

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