Why Are There Ants on My Vegetable Plants?

Ants on My Vegetable Plants
“I have ants in my garden, and they are eating my veggie plants. What is the best product to use on a vegetable garden that is safe for us to eat vegetables from?” Question from Jill of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
Answer: Ants are not vegetable garden pests. They may be attracted to the sweet juices of a split tomato or strawberry or […]

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What Are Some Slender Shrubs for Small Garden Spaces?

Slender Shrubs for Small Garden Spaces
“I have a spot on the front of my house that gets morning sun. Our house faces east. The spot is about 6 feet x 4 feet. I’d like to find a shrub that grows tall and skinny.” Question from Jen of Sycamore, Illinois
Answer: There are many slender shrubs for small garden spaces that are just tall and skinny enough […]

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What Tulips Rebloom Year After Year?

“Why is it that some years tulips just grow leaves and no flowers? I’ve planted hundreds of bulbs much to my disappointment to have so many of them never grow flowers.” Question from Linda of Middlesex, New Jersey
Answer: There are several reasons why tulips stop flowering. Many varieties are bred to bloom only for a year or two before their bulbs need to be […]

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What Shrubs Have Year-Round Interest?

What Shrubs Have Year-Round Interest?
“What are some shrubs that add interest and color year-round?  For example, foliage that changes color in the different seasons.” Question from Alecia of Puyallup, Washington
Answer: There are loads of shrubs that remain attractive through the seasons. Here are four great selections for your region followed up by a video of my favorite shrubs that bloom all summer long. Many of […]

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Why Are My Verbena’s Leaves Pale?

Why Are My Verbena’s Leaves Pale?
“Most of the leaves on my verbena have become very pale.  Not yellow, just faded looking.  The plant is still blooming, but the foliage doesn’t look healthy.  Any thoughts on what’s going on?” Carlene of Conroe, Texas
Answer: Pale leaves are often a sign of stress, whether it be stress caused by excess heat, excess water, too little water, poor soil, […]

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What Advice Would You Give a First-Time Garden Designer?

“What advice would you give someone (who has gardening experience) when it comes to redesigning a back yard. My parents recently bought a house that needs a yard makeover. What’s the best advice you can give someone who has only a little bit of experience with garden design and planning?” Question from Cassie of Wilsonville, Oregon
Answer: Before redesigning your parent’s backyard, determine what they […]

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What Are Good Shade Plants for Poor Soils?

Start by improving your soil!
“I have a shade area with poor soil…I need suggestions for plants, when to plant and how to improve the soil.” Question from Patricia of Knoxville, Iowa

Answer: Thank you for your questions.  I encourage you to read a couple of our garden articles that are sure to help you improve your soil and then fill your gardens with the right plants. Any […]

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Can You Recommend the Best Soils For My House Plants?

Best Soils For My House Plants
“I recently purchased a few house plants and would like to know what soil is best for them that you sell. What are the best soils for my house plants?” Question from Amanda of Leduc, Alberta, Canada
Answer: Here are our potting soil recommendations for each plant.
Aloe (Aloe spp.): Black Gold Cactus Mix – ideal for all succulents and cacti
Bird’s Nest Fern […]

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How Early Can Potatoes Be Planted in Zone 5?

How Early Can Potatoes Be Planted in Zone 5?
“How early can potatoes be planted in zone 5?” Question from Lisa of Berwick, Maine
Answer: Your last frost date is May 10th, and you have a growing season that is approximately 142 days long, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.  You can plant potatoes in the ground as early as four to five weeks before your last […]

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When Is the Best Time to Plant Corn in Northwest Oregon?

Best Time to Plant Corn in Northwest Oregon
“What is the best time to plant corn in Northwest Oregon at Zone 8?” Question from Joseph of Milwaukie, Oregon
Answer: Your last frost date in Milwaukie, Oregon is March 31st, and your growing season is approximately 222 days long, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Corn likes to germinate when the soil and growing conditions are warm, and […]

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