Why Aren’t My Pumpkins Fruiting?

Why Aren’t My Pumpkins Fruiting
“How do I get my Pumpkins to get past just flowering?” Question from Marilyn of Roseburg, Oregon
Answer: I am sorry to hear that your pumpkins are not producing! There are lots of things that could keep your pumpkins from setting fruit. Let’s start with what pumpkin vines need to grow and produce fruit.
What Pumpkins Need to Fruit

Full sun (8 hours per […]

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My Dry Potting Soil Won’t Take Up Water. What Do I Do?

“What should I do when potting soil becomes water repellent, and I don’t have anything big enough to dunk my pots in?” Question from Ethan the Rosarian

Answer: It is very frustrating when potting soil gets so dry that it resists taking up water. We add natural & organic wetting agents to our soils to discourage this from happening, but it can still be a […]

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What is the Best Cherry Tomato to Grow for Snacking?

Cherry tomato ‘Sunrise Bumblebee’
“I’m looking for a good cherry tomato or currant tomato snack for my men at work to grow at the warehouse. I like indeterminate, sweet, hardy, and easy to harvest.” Question from James of Clearwater, Florida
Answer: You’ve asked the right person! I’ve grown more different kinds of cherry tomatoes than I can count in the quest to find the best. The old-fashioned […]

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What Time of Year Do You Prune Abutilon?

“What time of year do you prune an Abutilon?” Question from Angie of Fort Bragg, California
Answer: Parlor maples or Indian mallows (Abutilon hybrids) are tropical to subtropical plants that can be pruned to shape at any time. Cultivated forms do, however, bloom on new wood, so late-winter or spring pruning is recommended. Especially if you plan to trim your plant just once a year. […]

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How and When Should I Plant Milkweed Seeds?

“I have some milkweed seeds and wonder when I should plant them. Should I plant now or wait until spring?” Question from Lynda of West Warwick, Rhode Island
Answer: Start milkweed (Asclepias spp.) seeds indoors in mid to late winter. The seeds of these long-lived perennials can be a little tricky to start because they require a chilling period before they will sprout. (Keep in […]

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September: Ace Fall Convention 2019

Black Gold Will Be at Booth 4136
The Ace Fall Convention 2019 runs from September 5th to the 8th and will be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia World Congress Center. Come out and see all of the new products and services Black Gold and Sun Gro Horticulture have to offer.
Our soilless growing mixes and amendments are the best on the market, and we […]

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How Should I Care for Marigolds Through the Season?

“I have a large, 1/2 whiskey barrel in my flower garden, planted with various types of marigolds.  Since Mother’s Day, when I planted them, I’ve fertilized them every two weeks.  I am faithful about deadheading them as needed, on a daily basis.  I water as needed. They are just glorious this year!  1) Should I continue to fertilize them?  How long can I expect […]

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What Can I Plant in Midsummer For Fall in New Jersey?

“What can I plant now – mid-July – to avoid having empty sections in my garden?” Question from Glenda of Sewell, New Jersey.
Answer: Choose cool-season vegetables and flowers that look good until frost. These perform the best as fall temperatures drop. Most even withstand frost. You probably won’t start to see frosts until mid to late October, depending on the year, so these should […]

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Is There a Natural Method for Dechlorinating Water?

“I was wondering what’s a cheap and effective way for the home organic grower to remove chlorine and, more importantly, chloramine without using expensive reverse osmosis filters. Can you recommend a product that is inexpensive and effective at making water safe for all the organic goodies we work so hard to cultivate?” Question from Stephen of Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
Answer: There are several inexpensive solutions that […]

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