Growing Indoor Air Plants

Air PlantsSome of the easiest house plants to take care of are those special plants in the genus Tillandsia, which are commonly referred to as ‘air plants’. They naturally grow in trees in tropical and subtropical regions, so they grow with no soil. In the home they can be placed almost anywhere. Many indoor air plant growers favor growing them in bathrooms where winter air remains moist.

Air plants tend to thrive as long as they are given indirect light (no direct sunlight) and a weekly spray of water. Warm, humid air will also keep them surviving at their best. With this simple regime, they will live for many years.

Try placing them in a vase, as in the photo. There are many wonderful species and varieties of air plants to choose from. These bromeliads can have silvery or green leaves of varying shapes and widths. Colorful, bracted spikes of flowers may appear in plants that are growing happily. Bloom times vary.