Should Potting Mix Be Added to Ground Soil?

“When planting, is it good to mix potting soil with earth soil?” Question from Pamela of Richmond, Indiana.

Answer: Don’t waste potting mix on in-ground plantings. Add products created to be garden amendments instead. These contain the ingredients that gardens need, while leaving out unecessary components, like perlite, vermiculite, and other additives, that don’t benefit garden soils. Potting mixes are also typically more expensive when purchased in quantity.

The best ground soil additives for long-term fertility include compost, earthworm castings, fortified garden soil, and Canadian sphagnum peat moss, among others. All of these additives lighten the soil, increase organic matter, water-holding ability, increase drainage, and up plant performance. Some, like earthworm castings, also add natural nutrients and beneficial microbes.

Beneficial fungi, called mycorrhizae, are another good soil additive. They work beneficially with plant roots to help them take up more water and nutrients for better performance.

I hope that these gardening tips help!

Happy gardening,

Jessie Keith

Black Gold Horticulturist