Black Gold® Seedling Mix

Black Gold Seedling Mix is high performing and OMRI Listed, meaning it’s approved for organic gardening. It is formulated for seed starting, cuttings, and seedling production. You’ll love its rich mix of Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Organic Wetting Agent, Perlite, and RESiLIENCE®. Give your seedlings a boost this season with Black Gold Seedling Mix!

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Transplanting Sprouts with Chopsticks

Transplanting Sprouts with Chopsticks - 3 Steps - Pam Beck
Step 1: Use chopsticks to create your planting hole. Step 2: Lift a sprouted seedling. Step 3: Gently replant the sprouted seedling and water.

Practice your fine motor and dining skills on your new sprouts. Transplanting sprouts using chopsticks is an easy, clean, and fun way to transplant your seedlings into a larger-sized pot. Simply fill your container with Black Gold Seedling Mix. Poke a planting hole into the loose soil with the chopsticks. Lift the seedling, and then gently place it into the waiting hole. Smooth the soil, water it well, and you are done.