How Much Cactus Soil Do I Need For My Pot?

“How many bags of Cactus Soil will I need to fill up a 4.5-gallon container that measures 20″ x (top) x 8″ at base x 10″ deep. I am taking my barrel cactus out of the ground and planting them in this container. Can you suggest a good draining pot? Thank you for your time.” Debra of Nevada

Answer: This is the perfect job for our retail bag to pot calculator. It allows gardeners to determine how many bags of mix will be needed to fill a pot. Another easy tool to try is a gallon to cubic foot conversion calculator.

For our tool, you must answer the following:

Step 1: Select your container and size. (We provide this information.)

Step 2: Use the keypad to enter the number of containers of your size. (Make your choice, but your exact pot size is not in the calculator. I made a good guestimate by choosing a pot of the closest size.)

Step 3: Choose your bag size. (Black Gold Cactus Mix comes in 1 CF and 8 QT sizes, information that you can find on the product page.)

Our calculator and the gallon-to-cubic-foot calculator determined that 1 CFL bag of Black Gold Cactus Mix will be needed to fill the pot.

We also recommend that you read our article about Planting a Golden Barrel Cactus Safely. It has super tips from cactus expert, Maureen Gilmer!

I hope that this helps!

Happy gardening,

Jessie Keith

Black Gold Horticulturist