What Makes a Good Raised Bed Site?

What Makes a Good Raised Bed Site?

“How does one determine the best location for a raised bed in one’s yard?” Question from Joanne of Cary, North Carolina

Answer: What Makes a Good Raised Bed Site? There are several criteria for siting a raised bed. Here are the top five to consider.

  1. Sun: Choose a location with at least eight hours of sunlight. Twelve is even better.
  2. Topography: The site must be flat and on high ground where flooding does not occur.
  3. Wind Protection: It is always nice to place your bed in a location with some wind protection.
  4. Water Access: Close water access to your garden spigot makes for easier irrigation.
  5. Weed-Free Ground: Place your beds on ground that is easily cleared of sod or weeds, and cover the walkways with mulch or pebble to keep weeds away from the beds.

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Jessie Keith

Black Gold Horticulturist