Top Ten Holiday House Plants

What makes a holiday house plant great? It should be bright, colorful, and embody the spirit of the season. Here are our top ten favorite holiday house plants. Some continue to look good through much of winter!

Top 10 Holiday House Plants

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Why Won’t My Christmas Cactus Bloom?

“My Christmas cactus hasn’t bloomed in 2 years. It gets light from the sliding glass door on the south side of the house with a patio and garage, so it does not directly get light. Any suggestions?” Question from Victoria of Adrian, Michigan

Answer: There are several reasons why a Christmas or holiday cactus (Schlumbergera buckleyi and S. truncata) may fail to bloom. Here are the top four reasons followed by a thorough video that explains how to successfully care for these plants to ensure yearly flowering.

Top Three Reasons Why Christmas Cactus Won’t Bloom

  1. Too little or too much light: Very bright, indirect light is needed to induce bloom. High, natural light allows the plants to detect the long nights needed to induce blooming, while full sun will cause leaf damage.
  2. Too much or too little water: Even though Schlumbergera are cacti, regular water is required up until October. At this point, you must refrain from watering for one month. Well-drained soil is also essential.
  3. Dry air: Unlike most cacti, Schlumbergera are rainforest species that require high humidity.

To further troubleshoot what could be the problem, please watch the following video.

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