Black Gold and Hydrofarm Support Fairchild Botanical Gardens

Black Gold is proud to support Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Miami, Florida with help from our friends at Hydrofarm through a donation of 17 pallets of Black Gold Coir.

The donation will be used, in part, in research into the Araceae family of plants that includes, calla lilies and philodendron. They will also be using the product in other areas of research around the Gardens and in their research greenhouses.

Since 1938, Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Miami, FL has served as repository of rare and endangered tropical plant species from around the world. The collection has grown to be a resource for education and research, recognized worldwide as one of the best. Their team of horticulturists travel the world to bring rare/endangered species into the collection so that they might be studied and better understood.

The Gardens also offer a beautiful addition to the cultural and educational environment of Miami. School groups and clubs routinely visit the Gardens to discover and learn more about the world of plants around us and their importance in our lives.