Garden Art: Pottery People

Clay Pot Person - Mike Darcy
As I visit other gardens this summer, I am, of course, interested to see what plants they are growing, but I also like looking for garden art. I think garden art can often reflect something of the personality of the gardener. Whether it is whimsical, serious or perhaps something that has a special memory for the gardener, it is enjoyable to see what people have and how they have it displayed. When I saw this “pottery person”, it made me smile. This would be easy to make and with many variations, not only in the design but also in what is planted on top.

Water Features in the Garden

Water Features - Rain Chain - Mike Darcy
Memorial Day is the traditional weekend for me to clean the water features in my garden and make sure everything is working as it should. The sound of running water is a delight in a garden and can be an attractive garden art feature as well. I have a rain chain that I use as a water feature and at the base have recycled glass, it is called glacier rock, but is actually glass. Often during the summer I will see a hummingbird perch on one of the links and get a drink and seeing that is a true highlight.

The Visitors: Garden Art

The Visitor
Garden art comes in many shapes, sizes and forms and often can reflect to something about the gardener. I love visiting gardens and seeing creative garden art that has been found, bought, or made. This past year one of the most original pieces I saw was a group of colored mannequin heads mounted on posts. In this garden, they looked as though they belonged and the owner titled them “The Visitors”. Make a resolution for 2012 to collect something unique for your own garden.

Happy New Year!

Saint Fiacre – Patron Saint of Gardening

Saint Fiacre
The world of gardening is full of legends and one of my favorites is that of Saint Fiacre, the Irish Patron Saint of Gardening. Here he is in my garden among the fall color of a hydrangea. He has a prominent place and welcomes visitors. With our cool and wet weather, he has developed moss on his face which adds more character.

This holiday season, I send you good wishes and happy gardening in 2012!