Hazelnut Shells as Garden Pathways

Hazelnuts - Mike Darcy
This past week, I have been spreading hazelnut shells on the pathways in my garden. In many parts of the country, there are agricultural crops that produce an agriculture bi-product after processing. In Oregon, we have large farms growing Hazelnuts and when the nuts are cracked, the shells are left. Processing plants will usually sell these at a low cost because they want to get rid of them. In my garden, I have found that hazelnut shells make a great pathway. I’ve used them for many years and each year get a replacement for a light covering of new shells to give the pathways a new fresh look. Hazelnut shells look nice, are an alternative to gravel and have a pleasant crunching sound when being walked upon.

A good base for a hazelnut-shell path is a layer of Black Gold Garden Compost Blend.