Rooting Mint Cuttings

“When dealing with mint clippings, what is the best way to keep them alive and well until they root and can be planted directly in soil?” Question from Jacquelynn  of Torrington, Wyoming 

Answer: You are lucky! Mint is one of the easiest herbs to root. Start by choosing the healthiest stem tips and clip them off to a length of about 6 inches. Then rinse them off and place them in a glass of clean water. Change the water every four days or so. They should root in the water within a week or two.

Once your cuttings have rooted, prepare medium-sized pots filled with quality mix, like Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Mix. Dibble out holes big enough for your cuttings then plant them, being sure to firm the soil down around their roots. (Always leave at least an inch at the top of the pot for watering and make sure it has a saucer below.) Then water in your mint plants, and place them in a sunny window. Keep them trimmed back if they start to become too leggy, and feed them with a slow-release fertilizer to keep their foliage lush.

Happy indoor herb growing!!!

Jessie Keith