Best Full-Spectrum LED Lights for Indoor Growing

“What are the best LED grow lights for indoor growing of herbs and vegetables?” Question from Terrance of Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Answer: It is essential that LED lights be labeled as “full-spectrum” for indoor growing. Without going into too much detail, LEDs must provide light at the wavelengths needed for full plant health, growth, and flower and fruit production. This is because plant chlorophyll gathers light at wavelengths over a broad spectrum (view the chlorophyll wavelength chart by clicking here).

There are lots of companies that produce full-spectrum LEDS for indoor growing. Some of the more respected names in LED grow lights for serious growers and pros include California Lightworks,  Fluence Bioengineering, and Lumigrow. Smaller LED grow light sets for hobbyists are also available. Look for good reviews to get a sense of quality and customer satisfaction.

Large LED grow light systems can be quite pricey, but they work the best. If you invest in some, be sure your plants are placed close enough to the bulbs for good growth and spaced well to capture full light on all sides.

Still, no indoor grow light works as well as natural sunlight. A room lit with sky lights, a sun room, or a greenhouse will always give you the best growing results.

Happy growing!