How to Store Weed Killers

“Have any studies been done to determine if bags of weedkiller “offgas” and contaminate any seed starter/potting soil/etc. stored nearby?” Question from Julie of Hortonville, Wisconsin.

Answer: Not any comprehensive study we can find. The ability for an herbicide to offgas would depend on the product. We recommend looking up the SDS or MSDS for each weed killer in question to determine its ability to give off harmful gas. You might also contact the maker of the weed killer in question and ask.

But, good storage of garden chemicals and potting soils can remove any worry you might have. Store them in large, covered plastic bins and keep everything separate. When I managed a greenhouse, I purchased plastic-topped storage bins on wheels to store my mix components, and any chemicals were kept covered and far from where the planting action occurred.

Happy Gardening! Jessie