Green Philanthropy From The Ground Up

Black Gold Makes Fertile Donations To Schools and Community Gardens

Black Gold, a Sun Gro Horticulture product-line, built its reputation on trusted all-organic potting soils, fertilizers and soil amendments. “We are dedicated to creating products that help our customers easily grow organic food in every American backyard,” says Blair Busenbark, National Marketing Manager at Sun Gro Horticulture. “The problem is that non-profit organizations also need quality soil products for their organic food gardening programs, so we decided to help them out.” Continue reading “Green Philanthropy From The Ground Up”

A Guide to Black Gold Back Labels

BG-GRDNCMPST-BLND_1cu-FRONTEducation is when you read the fine print, experience is what you get when you don’t.

And when it comes to Black Gold amendments, our fine print is a whole education on the best way to achieve optimal results in your garden. Optimum is the balance between using enough to obtain all the benefits you can, but not so much that it costs you more than it should. Turn any package around and you’ll discover the fine print that’s key to a fantastic garden.

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April 22: Celebrate Earth Day with the Paul Parent Garden Club and Helpful Composting Advice

Thanks for celebrating Earth Day with Paul Parent on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012, when Dan Jacques, a Technical Specialist for Sun Gro Horticulture, was interviewed on the value and benefits of composting at home. Dan was full of helpful advice, plus the rules to follow when composting at home and the importance of only buying OMRI-listed compost, such as our Black Gold Garden Compost.
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Black Gold® Hy-porosity Natural and Organic Potting Soil

Black Gold Potting SoilAs you may or may not know, Sun Gro Horticulture is the largest supplier of growing mixes to professional greenhouse and nursery growers across North America. One of the more popular professional growing mixes is Sunshine® Mix #4. It was developed by Sun Gro’s team of horticulturalists based on initial work done by Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Mix #4 is a blend of peat moss and perlite, and its claim to fame has always been its high air capacity and fast drainage.

Traditionally Black Gold® is chosen by home gardeners for being organically rich, fortified with earth worm castings and overall quality, which all translate into gardening success in the home garden.

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