Can You Share Some Good Raised Bed Plans?

“As an older crippled up fogey, I appreciate raised beds. Do you have plans available for different kinds of raised beds?” Question from Kevin of Belleville, Ohio

Answer: We don’t have raised-bed building plans, but we may in the near future. What a good idea!

This Old House has some great free plans that are well-conceived and useful. If your back gives you trouble, consider building a bed that’s raised up for easy planting. That way, you won’t have to bend over more than necessary. Click here to get a plan for a raised deck planter.  They also have guidelines for standard raised beds. Click here to view their plan for a classic raised bed.

Then be sure to fill your beds with great soil. We recommend Black Gold® Natural & Organic Raised Bed & Potting Mix or Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Mix.

Happy gardening!

Jessie Keith,

Black Gold Horticulturist