Begin Saving On A Rainy Day By Installing Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel
A well-placed rain barrel offers a practical solution for water catchment. Photo courtesy of Schultz Communications.

It is a small project, but installing rain barrels onto your downspouts will capture free non-potable water that could make a big difference in your garden.

How much water? Depending on the size of your roof and your catchment system, a rainfall of only 1-inch should fill a typical 55-gallon rain barrel to overflowing. That is a lot of water that you won’t have to pay for later.

What about eliminating mosquitoes potentially attracted to the standing water? Use Mosquito Dunks® made with B.t.i., bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, a naturally occurring biological control that is safe for birds and pets.

~Photos are courtesy of Schultz Communications




Mosquito Dunks
The natural bacterium contained in Mosquito Dunks kills mosquito larvae without harming birds, fish, pets or humans. Photo courtesy of Schultz Communications.