What Garden Plants Grow in Sandy Kansas Soils?

What Garden Plants Grow in Sandy Kansas Soils?

“I’ve tried some plants and flowers that say they grow in sandy soil, but no success. Do I need to stick to container gardening or add something to the soil in my flower beds? Thank you.” Question from Susan of Wichita, Kansas

Answer: If you choose the right plants for your site and improve your soil’s fertility, you will have gardening success. Many garden plants naturally grow beautifully in sandy ground. It’s all a matter of finding the right plants, and often the legwork has already been done by professionals.

Kansas Garden Plants

Thankfully, this is the case in your state. The Prairie Star program is Kansas State University’s plant testing program for your area. Prairie Star annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, and shrubs are supposed to be the best for Kansas gardens, Witchita included.

Native Kansas Garden Plants

I am also an avid native plant advocate because your natives are naturally adapted to your landscape. They are no-fail plants. The Dyck Arboretum of the Plains has lots of resources on landscaping with native plants in Kansas, including garden designs. And the Kansas Native Wildflower Society has a whole section on gardening with native wildflowers for your region.

Of course, you can also garden in containers a well.

I hope that this information helps.

Happy gardening,

Jessie Keith

Black Gold Horticulturist