Harvesting and Planting Moss

Holland - Maureen Gilmer
Cool, damp winter temperatures bring mosses out in all their glory. These amazing spore-bearing plants often grows on rocks, in shaded tree dells, the north side of a house, and anywhere else where it’s wet enough. This moss is perfect for using in glass terrarium containers and as a surface covering for bonsai specimens.

Mosses look great at the base of bonsai or shade plants, and harvesting and planting moss is easy. To harvest free, wild mosses from your yard, gently lift patches of moss up with your fingers so that it comes up in large chunks. Bring the pieces indoors and keep them damp until you’re ready to use them. Then separate pieces to transplant onto exposed soil beneath any decorative container plant. The result always looks great!


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Huntington - Maureen Gilmer