Black Gold is "Very Excellent Soil"

BG All Purp front

Here’s another glowing testimonial from a satisfied Black Gold user:

“Black Gold® All Purpose Soil is a very excellent soil. In the past I used another soil & it killed my pansies so I tried the Black Gold® All Purpose & within 2 weeks they were bigger than the ones in the other soil that had been in it for over 2 months. Thank you and don’t ever change the formula because it works great!”

-Allan, Portland, OR


Black Gold® Soil Conditioner Reviewed

Black Gold Soil Conditioner 2 2 cu Bale frontI worked at a garden center in Gresham, Oregon and that is where I tried the Black Gold Soil Conditioner. I live in an area near Mt Hood that has a lot of sand and fir needles in my soil, so I thought I would try this product since I sold the product at the garden center, and I felt I needed to know how it worked. I started using it in my flower pots. I planted my flowers in some pots, and tomatoes in other pots using soil conditioner. It worked so well that I decided to use it in all my flower beds. I also added it to the soil where I planted my evergreens, rhododendrons, and other plants. They grew so well, and I did not lose any of my plants. I also had some of the nicest tomatoes. This fall I put a layer on all my flower beds.

I feel this is the best product I have ever used. I am going to continue to add this to my flower beds each years, as my plants have done so well since I have been using Black Gold Soil Conditioner.

-Gardener in Sandy