Do Livestock Troughs Make Good Raised Beds?

“Do livestock watering troughs make good vegetable garden raised beds?” Question from Sandy of Chester, Virginia

Answer: Yes! Livestock troughs make excellent raised beds. Choose deeper troughs. Those that are 2-feet deep are best. More depth helps them better support larger and deeper rooting vegetables.

The key is making sure that they have good bottom drainage, so be sure to drill/punch plenty of holes at the base to ensure water drains all the way through. You will need an inch or half inch hole every foot or so. Smaller holes are likely to get plugged up.  (Look for metal-cutting drill attachments.)

For best veggie production, fill your trough beds with an excellent growing mix and fortify it with fertilizer formulated for vegetable growing. Our compost blend and natural and organic potting mix are great for raised beds! I also recommend that you plant compact vegetables ideal for container growing. (Click here to learn more about the best miniature vegetables for containers.)
Happy gardening!
Jessie Keith
Black Gold Horticulturist