What Do You Grow in Vermiculite?

“What do you grow in vermiculite?” Question from Sara of Oroville, California

Answer: That’s an excellent question. Vermiculite is one of the most popular growing mix additives. The natural mineral pops up like popcorn when heated. Then it is processed into small pieces for use in potting mix. It provides mix with needed air porosity and it absorbs water and nutrients well for better root growth.  Vermiculite size dictates use. Coarse vermiculite is added to mixes formulated for growing larger plants while fine vermiculite is a popular ingredient in seed-starting mixes.

Fine vermiculite can be used alone to start seeds or root cuttings. It is also used for hydroponic growing. Growers and gardeners also purchase vermiculite to create their own potting mix formulations.

Happy gardening!

Jessie Keith

Black Gold Horticulturist