Ask a Garden Expert Video: How Do I Stop Powdery Mildew?

“Lynda of West Warwick, Rhode Island writes, “Every year I get white mold on the leaves of various plants in my vegetable garden. I don’t use any fertilizer or pesticide, other than an organic compost in the soil. Is there something I could or should be doing?” Answer: The disease is powdery mildew, and it’s one of the most common fungal diseases of garden flowers and vegetables.


DIY Garden Project: The Best Plants for Cats

What are the best plants for cats? Plants that appeal to cats and help keep them content, such as catnip and cat grass, are two common cat plants, but there are several others to consider for the garden or home.  Many of the best kitty plants can be grown indoors or out. Each is great for cats and cat health, and many will make your cat happier in your yard or home. Please watch to discover our list of the best plants for cats.

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Gro Facts: Bark

Discover how aged or composted bark is an enriching component used in many Sun Gro mixes! What makes it a good soil component and how does it improve plant growing? Learn more in this video.

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