Garden Water Features and Carnivorous Plants

A hummingbird cools its feet on the edge of Mike's favorite garden water feature.
A hummingbird cools its feet on the edge of Mike’s favorite garden water feature.

In the Pacific Northwest, weather continues to be warm to hot with little or no rain. We have had a few sprinkles, but not enough to give plants the moisture they need. Even with adequate moisture, some plants look stressed on hot days as they cannot absorb as much water through their roots as they are losing through their leaves. I have found that a temporary ‘fix’ is to spray the foliage with water as this seems to help reduce leaf wilt.

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Water for Birds in the Garden

Water for Birds - Photo by Rich Baer
With summer here and many parts of the Pacific Northwest having warm days and little or no rain, it is important not to forget to supply a source of water for birds in the garden. In my own garden, I have several water features and it is very enjoyable to see the diversity of the birds and to watch them come to get a drink. To prevent mosquitoes, always keep the water running, or if that is not possible, such as in a bird bath, rinse the container every couple of days and add fresh water daily. If you have a water feature that does not have running water and would not be practical to rinse often, add a Mosquito Dunk to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. It is harmless to birds and prevents mosquito larvae from maturing. An adult female mosquito can lay eggs in something like 2 tablespoons of standing water, so be aware.  Don’t let them ruin your summer evenings in the garden.

Water Features in the Garden

Water Features - Rain Chain - Mike Darcy
Memorial Day is the traditional weekend for me to clean the water features in my garden and make sure everything is working as it should. The sound of running water is a delight in a garden and can be an attractive garden art feature as well. I have a rain chain that I use as a water feature and at the base have recycled glass, it is called glacier rock, but is actually glass. Often during the summer I will see a hummingbird perch on one of the links and get a drink and seeing that is a true highlight.