Bleach in the Garden

“Is it viable to use bleach to destroy weeds and flora that grows out from crevices in concrete, gaps in asphalt etc?” Question from Terrance of Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Answer: No. Save bleach for laundry washing only! Bleach is really bad stuff to use in the yard and environment. It is a broad-spectrum toxin, which means its deadly to everything (people included). It also does not break down quickly, which means it sticks around and continues to do damage. If it gets into waterways, it’s especially deadly to fish and other aquatic life. (Click here to learn more about the toxicity of bleach.)

If you are looking to quickly remove weeds from walkway or driveway crevices, try either a weed torch or Cape Cod weeder. For hand weeding, try the Nisaku crevice weeder or garden knife. All work well!

If you prefer a chemical option, try BioSafe Weed Control, which is OMRI Listed for organic gardening and EPA registered as an effective way to stop stubborn weeds!

Happy gardening!

Jessie Keith