What is the pH of Black Gold Potting Mix?

“What is the soil pH of Black Gold Natural and Organic Potting Soil?” Question from Michael of Pueblo, Colorado.
Answer: At production, the peat moss in our mixes has a pH range of 3.5-5.0, but we add liming agents to bring all of our potting mixes up to a more neutral pH range of 5.5-6.5.  Keep in mind, mix pH will change depending on your growing […]

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How to Amend Around Mulched Flower Beds

“On an annual rotation, what do I do with my mulch? Do I strip and reapply every year? How do I amend my soil in a flower bed that already has perennials? Do I  just top dress? Or dig around the perennials and mix with native soils?” Question from Tim of Springfield, Pennsylvania
Answer: Good questions! I am assuming that you apply bark mulch, which is […]

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Raised Bed Soil Enrichment

Organic matter will greatly increase the water-holding ability of any soil. (Image by Jessie Keith)
“What can I incorporate in my soil on an elevated bed to help retain moisture? It’s very hard to keep soil moist.” Question by David of Brookville, Ohio
Answer: Organic matter, organic matter, organic matter! Amendments rich in organic matter have high water holding ability and keep soil porous to create the best […]

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How to Store Weed Killers

“Have any studies been done to determine if bags of weedkiller “offgas” and contaminate any seed starter/potting soil/etc. stored nearby?” Question from Julie of Hortonville, Wisconsin.
Answer: Not any comprehensive study we can find. The ability for an herbicide to offgas would depend on the product. We recommend looking up the SDS or MSDS for each weed killer in question to determine its ability to give off harmful gas. You might also contact the maker of the weed killer in question […]

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Black Gold Mix pH?

“What is the average pH range of your various gardening soils?  I bought 2 varieties – the Waterhold, and the Natural & Organic Potting Mix + fertilizer.” Question from Michael of Scottsdale, Arizona.
Answer: Great question Michael! The right pH is essential for growing good potted crops and container specimens. That’s why Black Gold mixes are fortified with alkaline Dolomite Lime to naturally increase their pH […]

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