What is the Best Way to Preserve Herbs?

What is the Best Way to Preserve Herbs?
“I have lots of fresh herbs in my garden. What is the best way to dry and store them?” Question from Anne of  Bloomington, Indiana
Answer: It’s an excellent question. Some herbs are best stored and used dry while others taste best when frozen. That is because some herbs do not retain their full flavor when dried. Here are […]

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Can You Recommend the Best Soils For My House Plants?

Best Soils For My House Plants
“I recently purchased a few house plants and would like to know what soil is best for them that you sell. What are the best soils for my house plants?” Question from Amanda of Leduc, Alberta, Canada
Answer: Here are our potting soil recommendations for each plant.
Aloe (Aloe spp.): Black Gold Cactus Mix – ideal for all succulents and cacti
Bird’s Nest Fern […]

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What Medicinal Herbs Grow Well in Central Florida?

What Medicinal Herbs Grow Well in Central Florida?
“What Medicinal Herbs Grow Well in Central Florida? I moved to Florida and I want to know which native medicinal herbs to look for and grow here at my new home.” Question from Susan of St. Pete Beach, Florida
Answer: There are lots of medicinal herbs that will grow well in your Zone 9 garden. I recommend that you […]

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How Do I Keep Spreading Herbs in Bounds?

Keep Spreading Herbs in Bounds
“I know a lot of herbs spread on their own. Do I need to put barriers in the ground to keep them from taking over?” Question from Glenda of Sewell, New Jersey
Answer: Barriers are required to keep spreading herbs in bounds. The worst spreading perennial herbs are mints of all kinds and oregano, another member of the mint family. They spread […]

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How Do I Protect My Garden From Squirrels?

Please give me tips to help me protect my garden from squirrels.
“I need to protect my garden from squirrels. I want to do container gardening on my deck. I have problems with squirrels eating all my berries and some of my veggies. What is the best way to protect them?” Question from Melanie of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
Answer: Netting and/or caging will keep squirrels away from your […]

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I Am Looking For a Deer-Proof Chartreuse Ground Cover

Golden lemon thyme is a great groundcover that is disliked by deer.
“I planted a chartreuse ground cover, I believe it was a sedum, not sure.  Very low growing.  It looked great & then the deer discovered it – they ate it all.  Can you suggest another chartreuse ground cover that perhaps the deer wouldn’t – the little darlings.” Question from Peggy of Canton, Michigan
Answer: Many […]

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How and When Should I Prune Lavender?

“When should I prune lavender?  I tried it at the end of summer last year, but I think I might have cut too far back.” Question from Manda of Florence, Kentucky
Answer: In my experience, lavender has the best regrowth results if one waits to prune until the plants begin to produce fresh spring leaves. It simply bounces back best when it has begun to […]

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Is Comfrey a Good Natural Fertilizer?

“Have you heard about comfrey as being an organic fertilizer for gardens, and do you have any additional information on it?” Question from Sylvia of Belle Plaine, Minnesota
Answer: The claim is that the old-fashioned herb comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a “dynamic accumulator,” or a plant that absorbs and retains higher amounts (10 x or more) of essential macronutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, […]

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What Herbs Have Anti-Viral Properties?

[What are the] best herbs for anti-viral use? Question from Jason of Providence, Rhode Island
Answer: What a timely question. We hesitate to give medicinal advice regarding herbal remedies for viral infections, but we do recommend that you read a useful medical article about “Antiviral Natural Products and Herbal Medicines” published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health in 2014. It […]

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How Do You Grow Wormwood?

Here is the growth habit of my single, 4-foot wormwood. (Image by Jessie Keith)
“I was considering raising wormwood to use as pain relief, hopefully in a raised bed. Do you have any suggestions as to the type of soil and fertilizers? Thank you.” Question from Kevin of Bellville, Ohio
Answer: I have grown wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), and there are several things you should consider before growing […]

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