Watering Jade Plants

How often should I water a jade plant? Question from Grady of Akron, Ohio
Answer: This may sound odd, but when I think about the best way to water a plant, I always consider where and how it grows in the wild. Jade plants (Crassula ovata) are succulents from southern Africa that naturally exist along thickets and rocky hillsides that are very dry through most […]

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Garden Preparation for Northern Gardeners

“What needs to be done in the garden to prep for winter? Only in Wyoming for two years, and I have container gardened because I didn’t have land.” Question from Susan of Basin, Wyoming
Answer: Garden and container garden prep for winter depends on what you are growing, but there are a few steps you will want to follow, especially in really cold-winter climates like […]

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Transferring Tropical Plants Indoors

“How do you bring in tropical houseplants from the outdoors without them dropping their leaves?” –Question from Annie of Portland, Oregon
ANSWER: Thanks for the gardening question! There are several reasons why your houseplants may drop their leaves after being brought indoors in fall. I will cover all of the possibilities.
Clean houseplants before bringing them back inside!
It’s smart to bring […]

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