Sweet Shrub?

“I grew up with “sweet scrubs”. I can’t find them anywhere.” Question from Judy of Louisville, Mississippi
Answer: I bet you are talking about the eastern and southern US native shrub, sweetshrub (Calycanthus floridus). It’s unusual flowers smell very sweet, almost  strawberries. Does it look right? If so, it can be purchased at many native plant nurseries.
Happy Gardening! Jessie

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Planting Under Fir Trees

The western bleeding heart is one of several plants that will grow well beneath firs.
“What can I grow under several fir trees? Question from Karen of Portland, Oregon
Answer: Do you have Douglas firs on your property? (I love Doug firs!) Either way, I would recommend going with beautiful native understory plants from your region that can take the soil acidity, needle drop, and moist/dry conditions […]

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Thorny Tree

“This tree is growing in my new yard. What is it? It has huge green thorns and white flowers that bloomed in spring.” –Question by Betty in Charleston, South Carolina
ANSWER: This is the hardy orange (Poncirus trifoliata). Later in the summer it will develop inedible orange fruits. It is grown as an ornamental, though this tree is not for everyone. Some people like the […]

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