What are Good Container Vegetables for Florida?

“What would be vegetables I can grow in containers in Zone 10b? Question from Susan of Pembroke Pines, Florida
Answer: Stick with warm-season vegetables, like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and eggplant, and give them extra care and water if you choose to plant them during the hottest times of the year.
The key to successful vegetable container gardening is starting with large containers, good mix, and choosing more […]

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What’s the Best Fertilizer for Vegetable Containers?

“What kind of fertilizer should I use to grow vegetables in a big container pot with potting soil?” Question from Susan of Union City, Pennsylvania
Answer: For containers, I always opt for a slow-release fertilizer that will feed plants well all season long. Choose one that is formulated for vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Most of these will have either a balanced N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) ratio, such as […]

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How to Rid an Organic Garden of White Mold

“What is the best way to get rid of white mold in an organic garden? I pulled the plants this summer but I’m curious if there’s something I can do if it happens next year.” Question from Lynda of West Warwick, Rhode Island
Answer: White mold (Sclerotinia spp.) is a real problem, particularly with legumes (plants in the bean family), sunflowers, and many veggies and bedding […]

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Unproductive Pumpkins

“I’d like some info on why my pumpkin seeds didn’t produce pumpkins. There were lots of leaves and flowers, but no pumpkins. I planted them plenty early enough and there wasn’t any frost. The leaves just started dying out by mid September.” Question from Kimberly of Vancouver, Washington
Answer: Sorry to hear your pumpkin vines did not produce pumpkins! First, make sure that all their growing […]

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Useful Plants for Wet Soils

“Getting ready to move to an 8-acre farm in Kansas. The spot we picked for the garden is about 2 acres. It’s all sunny. My question is that about 20% is kinda shady and is always wet. Is there anything that can be planted there? Want something that can grow in the damp soil and kinda shady. It gets sun but not like the rest […]

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The Best Vegetables and Fruits for Indoor Growing

“What are the best vegetables and/or fruits that I can grow indoors?” Question from Dolores of Robinsonville, Mississippi
Answer: You are in luck! We have several Sun Gro articles on these very subjects. Salad greens are the easiest veggies to grow indoors. To learn more, read our article titled, Windowsill Salad Greens for Indoor Growing (click here to read the article). You can also grow compact […]

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What is the Best Soil and Advice for Strawberry Growing in Maine?

“What is the best soil and advice for growing strawberries?” Question from Melody of Lewiston, Maine
Answer: Strawberries grow best in soil that is well drained, moisture retentive, light, and high in organic matter. A soil with a slightly acid pH, between 5.5 to 6.5, is ideal. Amending your soil with Black Gold Garden Soil, Peat Moss, or Compost Blend will boost your soil for strawberry […]

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Beating Squash Vine Borers

“The last couple of years that we have planted zucchini, a worm of some sort has eaten to roots and caused the plants to die. We try to use as little chemicals as possible but don’t know what else to do. We have tried 7 dust, diatomaceous earth and this year we even tilled several times before planting but yet our plants still died because […]

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Fruit Tree Troubles in Texas

“I planted a banana tree early this year, and it just seems not to be growing. And my cherry tree seems to be dying, and why is it supposed to be in full sun or half shade? It’s in full sun. And my pomegranate tree bloomed but didn’t produce fruit.” Questions from Carol of Joaquin, Texas
Answers: It sounds like you are having lots of fruit […]

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Growing Strawberries Indoors or Out in Florida

“I really like to grow strawberries, but it’s so difficult here in Florida, finding the right time of year and location in our yard plus dealing with pests. Can they be grown inside?” Question from Lisa of Bradenton, Florida
Answer: Don’t totally give up on growing strawberries outdoors. When grown outdoors in Florida, strawberries are grown as annuals and planted in fall for spring yields.
Outdoor Strawberries […]

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