How Do I Care For My Avocado Pit Tree?

“I hung an avocado pit in a cup of water, and it grew roots, and now has a crazy height of like 3-4 feet. I’ve read that I can keep them in a large pot outside, and they won’t outgrow it. Do you agree, and again, what should I use as dirt? Will an avocado tree in a planter actually produce avocados? Be kind […]

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How Do I Care for Creeping Charlie (Pilea nummulariifolia)?

How Do I Care for Creeping Charlie (Pilea nummulariifolia)?
“I recently purchased this Creeping Charlie for indoors, and again, received not so great information (let it dry fully before adding water, etc.). It was fine one morning (there had been some brown leaves, which I was told was because I was overwatering it), but when I got home, it looked like this (image below). Water brought […]

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How Do I Care for My Hoya Carnosa?

How do I care for my Hoya carnosa?
“I have a plant that I only recently found out was a Hoya carnosa (according to an online forum). Long story short, I got it from a job clearing out a house. I thought it was a plastic plant, and left it for weeks. Finally, it started to die, and my lightning-fast mind realized it was real. I […]

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Can You Recommend the Best Soils For My House Plants?

Best Soils For My House Plants
“I recently purchased a few house plants and would like to know what soil is best for them that you sell. What are the best soils for my house plants?” Question from Amanda of Leduc, Alberta, Canada
Answer: Here are our potting soil recommendations for each plant.
Aloe (Aloe spp.): Black Gold Cactus Mix – ideal for all succulents and cacti
Bird’s Nest Fern […]

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Can I Grow Green Beans in a Greenhouse?

Can I Grow Green Beans in a Greenhouse?
“Can I grow green beans in a greenhouse?” Question from Angie of Fort Bragg, California
Answer: Absolutely. Green beans, whether pole beans or bush beans, can be grown in a greenhouse if given good soil, full sun, regular moisture, and temperatures that do not get too hot. Green beans grow best in temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees F. […]

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What Is Causing Spots on My Bromeliads?

What Is Causing Spots on My Bromeliads?
“I have several beautiful outdoor bromeliads that sit well under a large tree.  But about two months ago, they started developing white circle spots all over their leaves.  Like measles.  Not sure if you can help me identify what this is so that I can treat it.” Question from Jorleen Aguiles
Answer: From what I can determine, the fungal leaf […]

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Is It a Problem to Mix Different Potting Soils?

Can I mix different potting soils? Sure!
“Can I mix different potting soils? I plan to repot a couple of spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) to larger containers. They are doing good and are currently in Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil. I have some of this potting soil left in the bag, but it’s not going to be enough. Should I buy more of the […]

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Should I Change My Succulent’s Potting Soil?

“I am growing little succulents, should I change the soil at some point?” Question from Shelby of Woodsville, New Hampshire
Answer: The soil should be changed when you transplant them into a new pot. Succulents all eventually need to be transplanted and upgraded. Sometimes gardeners just want to place their succulents in prettier pots or mixed plantings. (Click here to read an article about mini […]

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Why Aren’t My House Plants Growing?

“Why would a houseplant just not grow? A couple of my houseplants won’t get any bigger or the growth is so slow it’s barely noticeable. I got them when they were small starter plants & have had them for a year or 2. These are my common plants…spider and prayer plant.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.” Question from Katherine of Las Vegas, Nevada
Answer: There […]

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My Dry Potting Soil Won’t Take Up Water. What Do I Do?

“What should I do when potting soil becomes water repellent, and I don’t have anything big enough to dunk my pots in?” Question from Ethan the Rosarian

Answer: It is very frustrating when potting soil gets so dry that it resists taking up water. We add natural & organic wetting agents to our soils to discourage this from happening, but it can still be a […]

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