What Are the Best Black Gold Soils for Tropical Plants?

“Hello, this is my first time contacting your company. I want to know what is the best soil mix or specialty mix for the following 4 different plants. Ideally, I am hoping that one type of soil mix would cover all below. Maybe I can add one single substrate addition, like “perlite” to balance an individual plant’s needs. However, I am open to being […]

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What Are Some Good Online Nurseries for Garden Succulents?

“Do you have any recommendations for mail-order succulents supply sources for gardens?” Bob from New Mexico
Answer: There are several mail-order companies that I turn to for succulents for the garden. These include the following companies.
Good Online Succulent Nurseries

Mountain Crest Gardens – They have both tender and hardy succulents for sale.
Cold Hardy Cactus – The Cactus Man specializes in hardy cacti and succulents, and he […]

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Help! My Succulents Have Black Spots and Drying Leaves!

“My succulent house plants have dry leaves in the middle of the stem and black spots. Why is this happening?” Question from Karina of Wenatchee, Washington
Answer: Succulent plants can develop dry leaves when they are being either overwatered or underwatered. The black spots and the fact that leaves are drying and dying in the center of the stem indicates stem and root rot, which […]

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What Is the Best Mix for Potted Citrus Trees?

“What is the best potting mix for Meyer lemon tree in a plastic pot?  Needs to drain well.” Question from Polly of New Mexico
Answer: We offer several good-fit mixes. Before potting your tree, make sure that the new pot is several inches larger than the old and that it offers excellent bottom drainage. The ideal potting soil should have a balance of good porosity, […]

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What Is the Best Mix For Carnivorous Plants?

“Do you have a mix that works with carnivorous plants like the American pitcher plant or venus fly trap?” Question from Doreen of Lander, Wyoming
Answer: North American carnivorous plants, like the Southeast American native Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula, USDA Hardiness Zones 5-8), are largely bog plants. Consequently, peat moss is one of the best growing mediums for them. Peat bogs are nutrient-poor growing environments, which […]

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How Do I Boost Tired Tomatoes?

How Do I Boost Tired Tomatoes?
“Last year my tomatoes struggled a lot. I think my soil might be tired. Should I rotate spots or should I fortify the soil? Thank you.” Question from Lucinda of Pittston, Maine
Answer: Tomatoes must be rotated on a three-year cycle for best performance, especially if they have experienced diseases. They are heavy feeders, experience lots of soil-borne diseases that can […]

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Can I Use Black Gold Fertilizer On My House Plants?

“Can I use black gold fertilizer on my houseplants? ( 5 5 5 ) Any plants I should feed like ferns, orchids, African violets, etc?” Question from Gayle of New York
Answer: Black Gold Fertilizers are only available in Canada. You can certainly use our granular, Black Gold All-Purpose Fertilizer on house plants if you can find it in the states. Otherwise, we recommend that […]

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How Do You Grow Monstera?

“I was wondering if you could help me with my Monstera deliciosa. I was wondering what the best type of pot and the best type of soil is for it. Thank you in advance!” Question from Angela of Fort Myers, Florida
Answer: Monstera (Monstera deliciosa) is naturally a rain forest trailer and climber with very large leaves that have decorative holes. Place the plant in […]

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How Do I Get My Cymbidium Orchid to Rebloom?

“I have an orchid plant that I have had for 8 years; it grows and duplicates (I had to get another container to separate it) but won’t grow the stalk to bloom. It hasn’t bloomed since the first year I got it. It isn’t the typical large rubbery leaf kind. I believe Cymbidium Orchid. When I got it, it had green flowers. It grows […]

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How Do I Grow Microgreens and Baby Lettuce?

How Do I Grow Microgreens and Baby Lettuce?
“What do you recommend for growing microgreens and baby lettuces? I am interested in buying your products at retail for now to test.” Question from Karman of Indianapolis, Indiana
Answer: We recommend growing microgreens and baby lettuce in OMRI Listed Black Gold Seedling Mix. Our seedling mix holds water well and is porous and fine, to encourage the development […]

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