How Do I Stop the Spotted Lanternflies in My Garden?

How Do I Stop the Spotted Lanternfly in My Garden?
“How Do I Stop the Spotted Lanternfly in My Garden?” Question from Tulip Tramp of Wilmington, Delaware
Answer: Oh, you asked the right question. Spotted lanternflies (Lycorma delicatula) first appeared in my garden this year, so I am getting firsthand experience trying to manage them, and they are a nightmare. They are prolific, large, and cluster and […]

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How Do I Care for My Hoya Carnosa?

How do I care for my Hoya carnosa?
“I have a plant that I only recently found out was a Hoya carnosa (according to an online forum). Long story short, I got it from a job clearing out a house. I thought it was a plastic plant, and left it for weeks. Finally, it started to die, and my lightning-fast mind realized it was real. I […]

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Why Do My Sweet Alyssum Keep Dying?

Why Do My Sweet Alyssum Keep Dying?
“Every year I try planting alyssum and within 48 hours of planting its dead? I’ve tried many different things but can’t seem to get it to work at this house.  I’ve grown it in other beds and borders just not working here … any thoughts?” Question from Kyla of Oakbank, Manitoba, Canada
Answer: Sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima) is a common […]

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Why Are There Ants on My Vegetable Plants?

Ants on My Vegetable Plants
“I have ants in my garden, and they are eating my veggie plants. What is the best product to use on a vegetable garden that is safe for us to eat vegetables from?” Question from Jill of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
Answer: Ants are not vegetable garden pests. They may be attracted to the sweet juices of a split tomato or strawberry or […]

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Why Are My Verbena’s Leaves Pale?

Why Are My Verbena’s Leaves Pale?
“Most of the leaves on my verbena have become very pale.  Not yellow, just faded looking.  The plant is still blooming, but the foliage doesn’t look healthy.  Any thoughts on what’s going on?” Carlene of Conroe, Texas
Answer: Pale leaves are often a sign of stress, whether it be stress caused by excess heat, excess water, too little water, poor soil, […]

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How Do You Control Sandspurs?

“How do I get rid of sandspurs?” Question from Rena of Morehead City, North Carolina
Answer: Anyone with a yard or beach plagued with sand spurs, most commonly the southern sandbur (Cenchrus echinatus) and the coast or field sandspur (C. spinifex), knows never to walk barefoot. Their painful spurred seeds are covered with needle-like protrusions ready to pierce through skin and even thick clothing like […]

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What Is Causing Spots on My Bromeliads?

What Is Causing Spots on My Bromeliads?
“I have several beautiful outdoor bromeliads that sit well under a large tree.  But about two months ago, they started developing white circle spots all over their leaves.  Like measles.  Not sure if you can help me identify what this is so that I can treat it.” Question from Jorleen Aguiles
Answer: From what I can determine, the fungal leaf […]

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How Do I Stop Birds From Eating the Garden Seeds I Sow?

Protective screen will stop birds from eating the garden seeds.
“How do I stop birds from eating the garden seeds? We have 16 raised beds in our community garden, and we are trying to use 1-2 of them to grow from seeds only. Our problem is that birds keep picking at the seeds almost as soon as we sow the seeds. Do you have any suggestions […]

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I Have Moles in My Garden. How Do I Stop Them?

When a gardener says, “I have moles in my garden.” I always let them know that moles do not harm garden plants.
“I have moles in my garden. How do I stop moles from eating the roots of my flowers. I have tried everything, and they still keep coming in my yard!” Question from Lisa of Agawam, Massachusetts
Answer: Moles in the garden can be confusing. Here’s […]

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How Do I Protect My Garden From Squirrels?

Please give me tips to help me protect my garden from squirrels.
“I need to protect my garden from squirrels. I want to do container gardening on my deck. I have problems with squirrels eating all my berries and some of my veggies. What is the best way to protect them?” Question from Melanie of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
Answer: Netting and/or caging will keep squirrels away from your […]

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