Summer Garden Tasks

by Mike Darcy The spring season of 2022 will not go down the annals of ideal gardening weather here in […]

The Best Reblooming Clematis

When visiting older established gardens, if there is a border garden, it will probably contain at least one of these […]

Spring Garden Tasks for a Happy Garden 2022

Spring is here! Officially it was March 20th, but I knew it was spring as soon as I saw the […]

Beyond Your Average Dogwood

The diversity of dogwoods (Cornus spp.) goes way beyond the common eastern flowering dogwood (Cornus florida), which is much-loved but […]

Favorite Old & New Salvias For Flower Gardens

It would be difficult to come up with a group of plants that can add as much to the garden, […]

Winter Garden Tasks for a Happy Garden- 2022

December was a month of trying to get my winter garden tasks all done before the end of the year. […]