Enrich Your Garden Soil with Black Gold

Black Gold Natural and Organic Fertilizers - SliderWhen you garden, you are gardening with a desired end result in mind, whether it is a bountiful vegetable garden, a bloom-laden bed of roses, a floriferous flowering bed of spring or summer bulbs or a thick rich lawn. All of these results might not be possible unless you invest into your garden with quality garden soil amendments and fertilizers.

Garden soil amendments are designed to improve the physical properties of your soil. Quality amendments increase water and nutrient holding capabilities and improve aeration and water infiltration of the native soil. The organic matter in an amendment acts similar to a magnet, attracting water and nutrients during times of plenty and releasing them during drier and less nutrient-rich times. Organic matter also loosens and breaks up mineral soil. This increases the air space for plant roots to flourish and allows improved water drainage.

When choosing a garden amendment it is important to understand that quality ingredients are necessary to get the desired results. To avoid nitrogen draw down in your garden soil, all Black Gold® products are made with aged and/or treated wood products. Nitrogen draw down happens when you add raw organic matter to soil, allowing the organic matter to pull nitrogen from the soil to facilitate the composting of the organic matter. All Black Gold products are also bio-solid free. Bio-solids are byproducts from sewage plants. Simply stated, bio-solids do not meet the rigid raw material standards we have for Black Gold products. When you use Black Gold products you don’t have to worry about avoiding exposure to root vegetable crops or excessive levels of heavy metals, salts and pathogens that are found in products made with bio-solids.

Black Gold Planting Mix is exactly what you need when you are planting around your home. Whether you are planting in a new or existing garden location the addition of this nutrient-rich, all-natural soil conditioner is a great choice. The rich dark mixture will improve moisture retention and drainage plus add precious organic matter to your garden. Think of Black Gold Planting Mix as the perfect marriage between compost and Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss providing you with the ideal garden amendment.

At Black Gold our slogan is “All the Riches of the Earth™.” And as you can see with the wide variety of garden soil amendments we offer, your garden can enjoy all of the riches of the earth with Black Gold Garden Amendments.

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