Overlooked Improvements in Black Gold®

An important component of Sun Gro Horticulture’s mission statement is the concept of continuous improvement. That concept has become a reality with the Black Gold® product line in recent years.

Beginning in spring 2007 all of the Black Gold® packaging has been updated. We worked hard to maintain the familiar bag images, but at the same time making the colors more brilliant, the bag easier to read and the information on the bag more detailed. Additionally the bags have been coated with a protectorant that allows the packaging to hold up better against the weather (both sun and rain) and is now more scuff resistant. The mil thickness of the bags has also been increased, to reduce the chances of a broken bag at the garden center, in the car and at the home.

Black Gold® All Purpose was improved in Spring 2007 to start including Multicote® controlled release fertilizer in the potting soil mix.  This added value component allows the gardener to have a baseline level of fertility for up to six months thus reducing the need to continually fertilize. Multicote® has a uniform nutrient release curve, which means your plants will have a consistent supply of nutrition including micronutrients for up to six months from time of planting. The rate of nutrient release with Multicote® is temperature sensitive, with warmer temperatures increasing the rate of release and lower temperatures reducing the rate of release of nutrients. Think of the addition of Multicote® to Black Gold® All Purpose as one less thing you have to do on your gardening “Things to Do List”.Black Gold Waterhold was improved in Spring 2007 and is now Black Gold® Waterhold Cocoblend. By dropping the old formulation that contained a polymer gel and replacing it with the old formula of Cocoblend that contained coconut fiber you can now naturally enjoy the benefits of increased water retention without the hassle of a gel.For our retailers and garden center customers in California we now have two new production facilities located in California. With a production facility located in both Northern and Southern California we can now offer improved customer service to our customers and ultimately homeowners throughout California.Spring 2008 was also the introductory year for the Black Gold® fertilizer product line. With eight natural and organic formulas and one controlled release fertilizer, Black Gold® fertilizer offers both a broad range of formulations and the high quality you have become used to from Black Gold®.

Not resting on our laurels, in Spring 2009 you will see an additional list of improvements to insure Black Gold is the first choice for retailers and consumers in premium quality potting soils, amendments and fertilizers.


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