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Sun Gro, the makers of Black Gold®, is North America’s largest producer of horticultural-grade peat and the largest distributor of peat moss and peat and bark-based growing mixes. We are also the leader in ensuring the sustainability of this important natural resource. We help ensure sustainable peat moss products reach consumers.

We endorse the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association’s definition of sustainable peatland management as the “balanced stewardship of the environmental, social and economic values of Canada’s renewable peatland resource.”

Just like other sustainable natural resources, peatlands are resources subject to governmental management practices and regulations. There are more than 270 million acres of peatlands in Canada.

To put that in perspective, those 270 plus million acres would cover the size of four states in the Western United States. Of that, only .016 percent is used to harvest the product that helps beautify our environment and grow literally millions of plants. The area harvested by the entire industry is smaller than the area covered by the city of Portland. In addition, new peat develops 60 times faster than what is harvested. In Canada alone, more than 70 million tons of peat accumulate each year. The Canadian peat industry harvests only 1.3 million tons a year. Managed wisely, peat is the ultimate renewable resource!

But harvesting wisely is not enough…we are also actively involved in the restoration of peat bogs once harvest is completed. Sun Gro supports the research being conducted at Laval University. This research has helped us restore our bogs so they continue to grow and produce new peat. CSPMA, of which Sun Gro is a member, is actively engaged in the creation of Sustainable Agricultural Standards following the SNSI process within the United States. Sun Gro is also a strong advocate of CSPMA’s peat bog Preservation and Reclamation Policy.

Social impact is also important at Sun Gro. We operate a network of 26 production facilities across Canada and the United States, and we’re proud of the high quality jobs we provide in small towns and rural areas.

At Sun Gro, we’re proud of our people…who every day fulfill our responsibility of stewardship to peatlands, ensuring that this abundant resource will always be available to future generations.

People buy Black Gold® and other Sun Gro products because they know we’re the leader in our industry. And when you use our products to beautify your yard, grow plants and vegetables, and make previously barren areas able to grow and sustain CO2-cleansing plants and trees, you can be sure you’re using a resource that’s plentiful, renewable, and well-managed.

Visit the CSPMA for more information on how our industry keeps peat renewable.

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