Do You Think That Vegetables Produce As Well in Containers?

“Do you believe veggie plants grow and produce as well in large containers as planting straight in the ground?” Question from Donna of Newberry, South Carolina

Answer: It depends. It’s all a matter of plant size, rooting needs, container size, and overall care.

Container Size and Care

Large or standard-sized vegetables do not grow as well in containers because they need more space to reach full potential. Containers also require more upkeep in terms of water and fertilization, so gardeners often lose steam and quit giving them the right care, resulting in poor output.

Soil is another factor. Garden loams have more mineral content and water-holding ability, allowing for better, deeper root growth and development. For this reason, it’s nice to fill large pots with a mix of topsoil and an organic amendment (Example: 1 part topsoil to 3 parts Black Gold Garden Compost Blend). This will increase water-holding ability and add weight to top-heavy pots.

Compact Vegetables

For real growing success with container vegetables, choose the right vegetables. Compact or small plants yield better harvests. For an excellent list of compact vegetables, click here for a recent article on the subject.  It covers everything from tiny tomatoes to baby beets and mini melons.

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Let me know if you are having any specific troubles with your container vegetable growing.

Happy gardening,

Jessie Keith

Black Gold Horticulturist