Top Ten Holiday House Plants

What makes a holiday house plant great? It should be bright, colorful, and embody the spirit of the season. Here are our top ten favorite holiday house plants. Some continue to look good through much of winter!

Top 10 Holiday House Plants

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How Do You Plant Cyclamen?

What is the best way to plant Cyclamen? Question from Melba of Texas

Answer: It depends on whether you are planting tender, greenhouse-grown Cyclamen in pots or hardy Cyclamen in the ground. I’ll cover the planting details for both and how to get them to bloom beautifully.

Potted Cyclamen

Cyclamen grow best in well-drained potting mix that is kept just moist, never wet. Water them just from the base or bottom water them, by filling the pot’s saucer with water, to avoid getting the flowers and foliage wet. Plant them in a pot that’s several inches larger than the old, and gently work the plant’s roots if they are pot bound. Place several inches of Black Gold All-Purpose Potting Mix at the base of the pot, and fill in around the edges, while being sure to leave at least an inch or two at the top for watering.

Indoor cyclamen like cool indoor temperatures and bright indirect light. Feeding them with an all-purpose slow-release fertilizer will keep them flowering well.

Hardy Cyclamen

There are several hardy cyclamen that will grow well in your Texas garden. These include the shade-loving Cyclamen hederifolium ‘Silver Arrow’ (USDA Hardiness Zones 4-8), which has pink spring flowers that appear without the foliage and silver foliage that pops up in fall. Cyclamen mirabile (USDA Hardiness Zones 6-8), is another pretty hardy cyclamen for partial sun to shade with pale pink flowers that bloom from September through December above leaves that have silver and green patterns. Both of these plants appreciate soil with high organic matter and excellent drainage. I suggest raising their planting areas and amending with Black Gold Garden Compost Blend before planting. Provide them with moderate moisture during the growing season.

I hope this helps!

Happy Cyclamen growing!

Jessie Keith