What is the Best Soil for Fiddle-Leaf Fig?

What is the Best Soil for Fiddle-Leaf Fig?

“I’m trying to keep my poor fiddle-leaf fig alive. Can you recommend a potting soil for this house plant?”  Question from Ann of Mesa, Arizona

Answer: This African-native fig (Ficus lyrata) naturally exists in lowland tropical rain forests where the soil drains well but is also somewhat loamy and remains evenly moist. The plants also grow best in potting soil with a slightly acid to neutral pH of 6.5-7. When replanting your fig choose a pot with ample drainage holes in the bottom for quick drainage. We recommend growing yours in Black Gold® All Purpose Potting Mix or Black Gold® Natural & Organic Potting Mix. (Click here for a more detailed overview about how to properly pot house plants.)

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Jessie Keith

Black Gold Horticulturist