How Do I Know When to Repot My Jade Plant?

“How do I know when to get a bigger pot for my jade plant?” Question from Grady of Akron, Ohio

Answer: There are two ways to tell if your jade plant (Crassula ovata) has outgrown its pot:

  1. The plant has become top-heavy
  2. The roots have densely grown to the pot walls

You can tell if the roots have densely grown to the pot walls by feeling down into the soil. You will be able to feel the roots. Another test is to gently lift the plant from the pot to see if the root mass stays together. If it does, it’s time to repot.

The best time to repot a jade is in spring before the plant starts to actively grow. Choose a pot that is an inch or two larger than the previous one. Gently loosen the root ball and replant your jade in Black Gold Cactus Mix, which is custom-made for succulents. This is also a good time to blend in a slow-release fertilizer formulated for succulents. Fill in around the base and edges with the new mix, and water until the bottom saucer is filled.  Then keep the soil lightly moist, allowing the plant to dry between watering.

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I hope this helps.

Happy jade growing!

Jessie Keith

Black Gold Horticulturist



Watering Jade Plants

How often should I water a jade plant? Question from Grady of Akron, Ohio

Answer: This may sound odd, but when I think about the best way to water a plant, I always consider where and how it grows in the wild. Jade plants (Crassula ovata) are succulents from southern Africa that naturally exist along thickets and rocky hillsides that are very dry through most of the year, especially in winter.

Container-grown jades should be watered infrequently from spring to fall (drench around two to three times a month and allow the pot to fully dry before watering again), and refrain from watering in winter. If allowed to sit in standing water or saturated soil for extended periods of time, your jade will quickly rot.

I hope this helps!

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