Black Gold® Hy-porosity Natural and Organic Potting Soil

Black Gold Potting SoilAs you may or may not know, Sun Gro Horticulture is the largest supplier of growing mixes to professional greenhouse and nursery growers across North America. One of the more popular professional growing mixes is Sunshine® Mix #4. It was developed by Sun Gro’s team of horticulturalists based on initial work done by Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Mix #4 is a blend of peat moss and perlite, and its claim to fame has always been its high air capacity and fast drainage.

Traditionally Black Gold® is chosen by home gardeners for being organically rich, fortified with earth worm castings and overall quality, which all translate into gardening success in the home garden.

Black Gold® Hy-porosity Natural and Organic Potting Soil was developed, following customer feedback, by Sun Gro’s team of horticulturalists to be a marriage of the desirable traits of Sunshine Mix #4 and Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil. This premium natural and organic mix is ideally suited for gardeners wanting a product for indoor and outdoor container plants that need fast draining and higher air capacity. When we say “fast draining” we mean that water or a liquid fertilizer will rapidly pass through the soil profile. A high air capacity soil has a greater space between the soil and water particles allowing for more air pockets to exist. Plants perform best when they have access to sufficient air in the soil. We add extra horticultural grade perlite to the mix to create these two desirable traits. The extra perlite in the mix allows the growing mix to be more forgiving. This feature is particularly desirable during winter months (lower light so the soil does not dry out), with water or salt sensitive crops, when frequent leaching is required, or when you use liquid fertilization.

Not straying far from its roots, Hy-porosity is bio-actively fortified with earthworm castings, moisture and nutrient retention from smart coarse Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, and organically enriched with forest humus. The icing on the cake is a dependable organic fertilizer and wetting agent.

Now, the question you are probably asking is, “Why would I want to use Black Gold Hy-porosity verses the other Black Gold potting soils?” If you are growing a consumable crop or you want to use something that is organic, Hy-porosity is pending OMRI Listing. If you are growing inside under a grow light, Hy-porosity is a great choice. If you want your soil to dry out more quickly, or are growing a water or salt sensitive plant, or are you liquid feed your plants, Hy-porosity is the one you should choose. Designed to work well both in indoor and outdoor containers, we know you will find gardening success under growing conditions that might have been difficult in the past when you use Black Gold® Hy-porosity Natural & Organic potting soil.


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