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Gro Fact Canadian Sphagnum peat Moss

Gro Facts: Peat Moss

What is peat moss and why is it the most popular potting mix component for professional and home growers? Get […]

Gro Facts: Bark

Discover how aged or composted bark is an enriching component used in many Sun Gro mixes! What makes it a […]

Gro Facts: Perlite

What is perlite and why is it a key component of so many potting mixes? Learn all the facts about […]

Gro Fact Coconut Coir

Gro Facts: Coconut Coir

What is coconut coir and why is it used as an essential component of growing mixes? What are the characteristics […]

Gro Fact Compost

Gro Facts: Compost

All-natural compost is one of the best soil conditioners for the garden. Learn what it is and how it benefits […]


Gro Facts: RESiLIENCE®

What is RESiLIENCE® and how does it benefit plants? Discover everything you need to know about Sun Gro Horticulture’s RESiLIENCE® […]